Black Pepper Oil

Black pepper oil is an essential oil obtained from Piper nigrum plant berries, this plant belongs to Piperceae. Piper nigram mostly cultivated in south west India and largely produced by other country as well such as Indonesia, Malaysia, China etc. Black pepper is dried fruit of the pepper plant which is used to culinary and medicinal purposes. Black pepper is used to spice and seasoning. The spiciness of black pepper is due to its piperin chemical.

Extraction Process:
Black pepper is extracted from berries of plant Piper nigram by steam distilled method. The dried fruit of black pepper plant is known as Peppercorn.

Black pepper aroma is spicy, musky, warm and its fragrance is strong and sharp which stimulates energies.

Blending –
Black pepper is nicely blends with lemon, lime, lavender, sandalwood, mandarin, ylang ylang, Juniper, Bergamot, clary sage, clove, Ginger oil, gelmium, Coriander, grape fruit, Fennel, Frankincense , citrus , spice and floral.

It components are – limonene, Pinene, myxene, phllandrene, β- bisabolene, sabienen, linalool, pinacarveol, α- termineol, camphene and α- terpenene. Black pepper is rich in minerals and Vitamin- Ca, Mn, Fe, Vitamin-K, β- Carotene, Phosphorus, Potassium and Selenium.


  • It is used to enhance flavor of food and many dishes.
  • It is used as aperients because it helps in cleansing of intestine and cure infections in digestive and excretory system.
  • It is helpful in digestion as it promotes secretion of digestive juices like acids and bile in stomach or facilitates digestion.
  • It has antispasmodic property as it provides relief in cramps, muscle pulls, spasms or convulsions.
  • It is rich source of antioxidants as it protect body from damage by oxidants i.e. free radicals.,
  • It is used in treatment of chronic rheumatisms, arthritis and gout as it is warming so it stimulate and improves circulation and gives relief.

Specification of Black Pepper Oil:
Botanical Source : Piper nigrum
Appearance : Colourless free flowing clear liquid.
Odour : Strong, aromatics and characteristic.
Solubility : Soluble in 3 vol. ethanol (95%).

Physio- Chemical Properties:-

Optical Rotation :
  -5° - -23°
Refractive Index :  1.4780 – 1.490
Weight per ml : 0.880 – 0.940

Chromatography Profile:

Alpha Pinene :
  1% - 12%
Beta Pinene :  3% - 18%
Limonene :  4% - 21%
Beta caryophyllene :  7% - 45%
Germacrene :  D 0.1% - 9%
Alpha humelene :  max. 5.0%
Total plate count :  less than 1000 cells/gram
Yeast and Mould :  less than 100 cells/gram
E.coli :  Negative/gram
Salmonella :  Negative/ 5 grams
Storage :  In well fitted container in cool and dark place. Black Pepper Oil Buy Online at optimum Price.

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